Santa Dolls That Are Works of Art

Gallery Santa Doll

Gallery Collection

Are you looking for an unusual Christmas gift that will always be cherished by that someone special? Well, here it is!

Each whimsical Santa doll is accessorized to enrich its theme and enhance its identity as a genuine work of art.

Business executives enjoy giving these as thank you gifts to their best clients and employees.

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Couture Santa Doll

Ione's Couture Collection

Using only the best fabrics and accessories, these Santa Dolls attest to Ione's superb craftsmanship. Her extensive background in the world of couture fashion is truly exemplified.

Here are luscious fabrics lined with velvety smoothness. And you will marvel over the hand embroidered sequins that seem to cascade in a sea of glitter.

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Papa Klaus Santa Doll

Papa Klaus Collection

Papa Klaus Santa Dolls have distinctive faces with eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go. Each one has enormous character and, of course, deserves a special home.

The clay baked heads are made exclusively for Ione. The end result can be somewhat surprising because the facial expressions might just remind you of someone famous.

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Klaus Santa Dolls

Mr & Mrs Klaus Collection

By popular request, Ione has created the Mr and Mrs Klaus series using matching material for each cloak.

While each Santa Doll can be purchased individually, many customers enjoy having Mama and Papa lookalikes.

You are more than welcome to collect either Mr OR Mrs Klaus, but keep in mind that the one left behind will be very sad.

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Necktie Santa Doll

Necktie Collection

During her many buying trips abroad, Ione cultivated the technique of disassembling dozens of fashion designer neckties and embroidering them into luxurious Santa Doll costumes.

All of a sudden, both friends and strangers began asking her to make one for them. Her signature line became established and the rest is history.

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Hawaiian Santa Doll

Hawaiian Collection

These dolls share the Aloha spirit, the history of the Hawaiian cowboy (paniolo) and the missionary. Looks great in a hula skirt or wearing the traditional quilted island motif.

Legend associated with Santa says he lives in a far northern land covered with perpetual snow. Maybe he lives at the 13,606 foot summit of Hawaii's famous mountain named Mauna Kea.

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Japanese Santa Doll

Japanese Collection

Skillfully crafted using luxurious kimonos and obis fashioned with accessories from far-off antique flea markets.

Legends, mythology and history have combined to present a variety of folklore concerning the origin and validation of the spirit of Santa... even in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Chinese Santa Doll

Chinese Collection

Some Santas live at the North Pole, while others reside in Lapland. But, where do our Chinese Santa dolls live? Perhaps on the Avenue of Eternal Peace in Beijing.

Wouldn't it be fun to see these Chinese Santa Dolls all lined up in a Chinese Dragon Dance? Of course, we'd need Santa in his sleigh leading the parade.

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Okinawan Santa Doll

Okinawan Collection

Okinawan Santa Dolls are more colorful than their traditional Japanese counterparts. There is a well-defined cultural distinction to this Kingdom of the Ryukyus.

Ione personally gathers her material from around the world. Luxurious velvets... brocades... tapestries... silk... lace... patchwork quilts and beaded cloth. Uniquely elegant!.

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Korean Santa Doll

Korean Collection

Korean Santa dolls feature bright colors associated with traditional ceremonial dress. Our Christmas Santa from this ancient culture conforms to their special system of elaborate gestures.

Regardless of religious origin, Santa's spirit of giving to children appears to be testimony to a Christian philosophy that is widespread throughout South Korea.

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Filipino Santa Doll

Filipino Collection

The Season of Christmas is celebrated longer in the Philippines than in any other country. But Santa himself might not be too evident amongst the populace.

If you did bump into Santa Claus while visiting the Philippines, he might look something like one of Ione's elaborately decorated Santa Dolls.

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Around the World Santa Doll

Around the World Collection

Santa Claus is universally recognized. This year 2 Arabian Nights have been included in the collection.

And, by popular demand, Ione has created another rendition of the African Santa Doll.

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